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1) Our team actually works in the healthcare and technology field
Our founders are a multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, lawyers, and software engineers. While there are similar services out there, look a little closer and you will see they are often run by people with marketing degrees and not STEM degress or claim to be tech entrepreneurs, but build with cookie-cutter WordPress templates. We rely on our hands-on experience as healthcare providers to design a process with patient satisfaction being the #1 goal.
2) Complete transparency and 100% risk free service
We took on this venture to validate the process of getting a Virginia medical cannabis card. We will help anybody in their quest for effective medicine without any strings attached. We do not sell any products or promote any 3rd party service via referrals. If you are unable to get approved for your Virginia medical cannabis card, we will issue a 100% refund no questions asked.
3) Rigorous screening of medical providers
We screen every doctor and apply a detailed interview process before allowing them to join our platform. 100% Virginia state certified and licensed practitioners with extensive work experience and are knowledgeable about the Virginia medical cannabis program and medical cannabis in general. Every practitioner we accept understands that security, comfort, and ease of use are top priorities. Our management works extremely hard to ensure that we provide only the highest quality of service and each patient is provided the highest level of knowledge and care.
4) Compassionate patient care is our sole focus. There is no #2 objective
No shareholders, no board of directors, no corporate BS. Our team is rooted in compassionate care and we will work tirelessly to ensure you are provided every opportunity to gain approval for a Virginia medical cannabis card.

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Patient Testimonials

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Easy, quick and no hassle. Video appointment with very helpful and informative doctor and within two weeks had my card without having to leave the house.

  • Veronica A.
    Veronica A.


Wonderful to finally get something that is going to help me with my pain I suffer every day. Looking forward to dealing with this company.

  • Anthony L.
    Anthony L.


This was a very easy and quick process. There were no surprises after it was explained what I needed to do.

  • Ben T.
    Ben T.


Now I can definitely say these guys rock and roll. There were no surprises after it was explained what I needed to do.

  • Traveres K.
    Traveres K.


So easy to use and the doctor was so nice, bless Leafcard! It was so hard to find a doctor where I live.

  • Agnes M.
    Agnes M.