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Meet Darrell Humphries: CEO & Co-founder of Leafcard

Darrell graduated from American University with a B.S in Biology and studied entrepreneurship during his time at the prestigious University.
Knows drawbacks of medications and the lack of alternatives

"It opened my eyes on how medicine works for patients differently and the high demand for alternative remedies such as medical cannabis; which do not cause side effects that many of my patients were experiencing with Opioid/NSAID medications. Building Leafcard speaks volumes about my core belief that compassionate care should be accessible for all patients."

Out to bridge the gap in VA between patients and medical providers.

“My hope is to provide access to medical cannabis to all the qualified patients who do not have a means of getting evaluated. From the child battling epilepsy to the 80 year old who is managing glaucoma. Progress is being made, but we still got work to do."

Direct patient interaction during his time at esteemed medical facilities.

Worked at over 5 outpatient clinics and emergency care facilities throughout the D.C. metro area. Darrell aims to be a pioneer and advocate for providing access to alternative care for all races, genders, and backgrounds.


There are too many underserved individuals who deserve access to the care they need and deserve to be heard. At Leafcard, we focus on educating people on proper usage and benefits of medical cannabis. We provide a easy to use platform to connect qualified patients with licensed providers for medical cannabis evaluations via our telehealth software. We exist to make navigating this process easier and helping those who seek relief.

Leafcard made with 💖 in Virginia

  • Founded Date:
  • 11/12/2020
  • Purpose:
  • Use platform to educate and help qualified patients.
  • Address:
  • 8609 Westwood Center Drive Suite 110, Vienna VA 22182
  • Phone number:
  • (804) 584 - 4232

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