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Helping others. Our sole purpose. Medical cannabis is a miracle plant with healing properties beyond our imagination. But for too long, it’s been too hard to get. An unfair stigma and an ever-changing legal landscape have created mass confusion and kept cannabis out of the hands of people who need it most. We’re here to provide an opportunity for those who need this alternative medicine to gain lawful access to it. Leafcare is a healthcare technology company with a mission to provide personalized cannabis education and wellness to all Virginians. We do that by connecting patients and doctors online, through our platform, to provide recommendations for living a better life. Medical cannabis is more than a trend. And while we’re glad it’s having a breakthrough moment, we won’t rest until it’s clearly understood and widely available to those who need it the most. If this mission statement stirs something in you, you should get involved. We donate a portion of our profits to these amazing charities:

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