Advice for 1st time Users

Make sure to read all the information below and always obey the law.
1) Dose your cannabis carefully
Marijuana dosage must be individually determined as one patient ideal dose may not work for another. Trial and error may be necessary to determine what works best for you. When using cannabis products for the first time, it is important to start with a small dose. Cut your capsule in half. Use a quarter dropper tincture instead of a half dropper. When using edibles such as capsules, wait up to two hours before taking more.
2) Document your cannabis usage
Write down the name of the product and its contents. Document your dose, side-effects and benefits. With so many products, comparing them can be confusing. This can help you keep track of which products do and do not work for you. Keeping a ‘symptom inventory’ chart can help track the response or effectiveness for each marijuana product you use for each symptom. Consider keeping a log and rate your experience from 1–10 or 1–5 stars. Use a system that is easy and makes sense to you!
3) Properly store your cannabis products
Cannabis should always be stored in a safe place, or in a lockbox in the home. Keep your purchases out of reach and away from children, pets, animals, and unsuspecting adults. Medical marijuana must be treated like any medication. Marijuana products should also be kept in a sealed container and stored in a cool place.
4) Understand potential side effects
CBD-predominant products have fewer psychoactive effects and may require higher dosing to achieve relief. When looking for a product to try for the first time, especially for chronic symptoms, consider options with a higher CBD content (ratios of CBD:THC of 1:1 or higher) to minimize the potential for undesirable marijuana side-effects that may be uncomfortable for your first experience.
5) Night-time use is best
New cannabis users should consider starting using products in the evening or at bedtime to limit first-time adverse effects. When using cannabis containing THC, do not take first thing in the morning or during the day to avoid the possibility of side effects that will impair you the rest of the day. Always take your first dose with someone else around to help if you begin to feel uncomfortable.